1946 Super Six Tire size

I have a set of '46 super six 16" rims.  The Callout for a a 46 super Six is for 6.00 x 16 tires.  I orders 6.00 x 16 tires from Coker (bias ply, nice white walls!) they seem really narrow as compared to the rim.  The rim is about 5.5" wide.  Is the tire going to balloon when it is mounted?  Did I get the wrong tire?



  • D7fever
    D7fever Member
    That is the correct size.
  • 46HudsonPU
    46HudsonPU Administrator
    You may be measuring the wrong points on the rim.  The rims are measured from 'interior bead seat' to 'interior bead seat' of the wheels - from memory, they should be more like 4.5".
    Some tend to 'squeeze' the most tire width they can onto those standard rims, typically going to 6.5 X 16, to as much as 7.00 X 16 (or a bit more).
    The only 5.5" wide Hudson rims that I am aware of are those that were provided from the factory on the later stepdown convertibles - and I believe they were 5.5" X 15" rims..