ISO: Splash/Dust Aprons

BigSky Senior Contributor
If anyone could help me out, I’d be really grateful!  I’m in search of this apron for my 37 Hudson 212ci 6cyl, it’s the right rear one.  I’m also searching for the front one that goes underneath the radiator.  


  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    Do these splash panels actually achieve anything ?
    The ones on my '34 were so dinged up and rusted that I just junked them - it doesn't seem to upset the car's functioning and probably adds to wind-flow cooling.
  • Toddh
    Toddh Member
    Well the factory thought they were a good idea. The ones on my ‘34 are in fabulous shape but they are a heavier gauge than the set I have from a ‘46 Commodore 8.  But due to their rarity it is apparent they came off of most cars pretty quickly
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    With modern fuel the more cold air circulating around the engine compartment the better.  Plus they are a real pain to get off if you have to work on the exhaust, etc.   Again though,  it's your car, and if  you want originality, leave them be. 
  • ken1962
    ken1962 Member
    Just remember when these cars were first in the roads it was dirt .Cars had higher clearance to clear small streams running across dirt roads. The fenders were more spacious to allow dirt to be flung around the wheel before dropping. The engine was generally inclosed to stop dirt from being flung into the engine bay. These days you can probably drop the riding height, remove the engine bay guards and have no issues.  I certainly enjoy my terraplane on our dirt roads here in Australia as it's built to handle the crappy roads better than modern cars could. Love taking it on short trips in our high country mountain dirt roads that mainly are off-putting to new low clearance cars. Cheers everyone 
  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    I think Todd's and Geoff's theory is most likely correct - those panels got in the way of maintenance work and were fiddly to take off and put on again, so owners and mechanics ditched them pretty quickly.
    Mine were beyond reasonable repair and had a hole cut in the bottom at the front to assist installing a fan belt - a modification I've seen on other cars with splash panels - indicating what a nuisance they were.
    Driving on average English roads, my engine compartment doesn't seem to get dirty and Geoff's right - the more cooling the better in Summer.
  • 5433HET
    5433HET Expert Adviser
    I was told, or maybe read, that the splash aprons are essential to aid in cooling the engine bay. The pans direct airflow from the forward moving car, forcing it by the length of the engine, then out under the cowl. This theory is what I heard for my '33 ET 8. If it wasn't such a pain removing and installing them,  I'd do a temp test under the same conditions, before and after. 
  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    I haven't had a cooling problem without them.
    There again, we don't get extremely high temperatures in Britain.