Help needed with a 212 ID

I have a 212 motor with the following numbers and am trying to figure out what year it is.

On the top of the block rh side between cyls 1 and 2 is: 3182308

the casting numbers are:                   J110


  • Hans
    Hans Senior Contributor
    Casting #165510     apparently used in 1946  and  1947

    Get serial number  on drivers side of motor block, at side near front, below cyl head.

    This will help the most.
  • I got tripped up on 31XXX for cars and 38XXX for trucks so looks like I have a 46 motor
  • 54coupe
    54coupe Member
    The block was cast Oct. 11, 1940
  • So if the casting number J110 indicates Oct 11, 1940 and the numbers stamped on top of the block are 3182308 indicating a 46 Super Six by the VIN numbers from Butler's book then what do I have?   

    A 1940 block that sat out the war and was finally VIN stamped and put into a car in 1946?
  • After more cleaning and closer inspection, the casting number is in fact J116 so looks like this is a 46 motor.  Thanks to those who responded.