free wheeling

my 1948 Hudson will not release from free-wheeling, no matter if I push or pull the in or out the knob,  can anybody help?


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    Check the wire is still attached to the lever on the o/d
  • Geoff, thanks but I do not have any wires, they were disconnected a long time ago?
  • 54coupe
    54coupe Member
    Geoff is referring to the wire on the other end of the knob you are pushing and pulling on. Make sure it is attached to the lever on the trans,
  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    It's the mechanical control cable; non electric. It connects the knob under the dash, with the lever on the side of the transmission.  When knob is pulled out all the way, you are in direct drive and have just 3 speeds.  When pushed in all the way, overdrive (4th gear) is enabled, but won't occur until you are over 25-30 MPH and release the accelerator. 

    You should make sure the cable is fastened to the lever on the transmission correctly, so that -- when the knob is pulled out -- the lever travels to its full limit.  And when knob is pushed all the way, the lever travels to its other limit.  Best way to be sure is to loosen the cable clamp on the lever, then have your accomplice (in driver's seat) push knob to about 1/8" from the knob bracket.  Not bottomed out but with a bit of "travel" remaining.  then clamp the cable to the lever.  That 1/8" of play on the knob shaft, shows you that the OD control cable has pushed the lever to its limit.  When your accomplice pulls the lever out, it should travel to its other limit.

    Make sure that the cable housing or sheathing, is firmly held in position to the fixed bracket adjacent to the control lever.  If the sheathing slips, the cable will get out of adjustment.

    Hope I've confused you completely, LOL!