List of Carter WA-1 Metering Rod Sizes for Hudson Hornet Twin H?

hi - i have a '53 hudson hornet, twin h, carter wa-1's - i'm trying to find what was considering standard metering rod size for the '53 hornet twin h, and a list of the carter wa-1 metering rod sizes, both leaner and richer from this staring point - please post info or link - most appreciated! thanks


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    From Walt's tech tips

    Here are the 1948 to 1956 metering rods for altitudes in Hudson Carter
    Carburetors, WA-1 or WGD 2 Barrels. Sea level to 3,000 feet, standard
    metering rods. 3,000 to 5,000 feet, 1 size lean. 5,000 to 8,000 feet, 2 sizes
    lean. 8,000 feet and up, you must have 3 sizes lean. We will list year and
    carburetor tag number. You know the altitude you are in, so make the right
    choice. All rods start with 75, so I will just list lean by the last 3 numbers.
    1948-49 six cylinder, tag #647S or 647SA, std-75-686 or 75-
    -610-623-624-625. 1948-49 eight cylinders, tag #648S std-75-607-627-628-
    629. 1950-51-52-53 and 54 Pacemaker and Wasp with 232 engines and a
    single WA-1 Carter carburetor Tag #749S, std 75-704-712-713-714.
    1950-51 and 52 eight cylinders, tag #773S-std-75724-744-745-746. This
    carb can also be used on the 48 to 49 eight cylinder engines. 1950-51-52 and
    53 Super Wasp and Hornets, tag #776S, std-75-754-732-741— -742.
    1951-52 and 53 Hornets with Twin-H- Manifolds,
    Carter WA-1 tag # 968s, std-75-834-861-862-863. 1954 Hornets with
    Twin-H Manifolds, Carter WA-1 tag #2113S, std-75-955-974-975-976
    1954 Hornets with 2 barrel Carter WGD, tag #2115s, std 75-732-980-
    741-981. Here you can also use the carburetor number 776S. 1955 and 56
    Hornet 308 engine 2-barrel WGD-tag #2252s, std 75-1169-1193-1194. 55
    and 56 Hornets with 308 engines, with Twin-H manifolds use Carter WA-1
    #2113S-same as 1954.

  • thanks for this info - are there other sources, i.e, Hudson, Carter? - also, which jet sizes go with which metering rod sizes?

    - when i identified my metering rods, i could barely make out 75-352, even with an iphone magnifier app - i don't see those #'s listed above - maybe i have 75-862 based on similar looking #'s - i'll check again
  • 968S-Models 7B, 7C  1952-1953

    75-834  METERING ROD-STANDARD (9685)