Help! What 15" wheels will fit a 1936 Terraplane? The center hold for the hub on Fords is smaller.

I would like to put modern tires on my 1936 Terraplane. Fords almost fit. Cokers are right now too 14" or 15" modern tires would be great. Any suggestions? Thanks.


  • Hans
    Hans Senior Contributor
    cut the hole, make it larger.
  • Courtesy Man
    Courtesy Man Expert Adviser
    You may be cutting a support flange out weakening the steel hub of the wheel ?
  • Doubt if the steering box will handle the extra'll definitely need power steering at walking speed. Would love to hear about the handling if you proceed please. These 2 questions usually pop up when people decide to change the specifications...This year I'm going to put on new whitewalls in my 36T and I'm just interested in your process cheers ken   
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    Step-down and Jet wheels will fit.