Hudson drag and drive car

Hello, I am working on building a drag car and I have a solid roller 49 Hudson commodore sedan. I am looking to build a drag and drive car and something that could be fairly fast. I am thinking about selling the Hudson, but before i do I wanted to see if it was a feasible option to build off of it without having to building a full tube chassis for it. 

My “ultimate goal” for the drag car is f2 procharged big block Chevy, th400 trans, 4 link rear, 9 inch, some sort of tubbing, probably a radial tire, and a full cage. I would like to be in that 8-9 second range in the quarter. I know I will have to gut the car with new suspension and brakes. 

My questions 
How strong are the unibodies? Am I going to twist it in 2? Can put a rear section frame and four link set up in one of these cars? Has someone done this to a step down before?