46-47 motor interchangeability

I’m looking at getting a 46-47 but it has no motor 
what changes has to be done to put in a 262? 
I’ve heard radiator and motor mounts , is that it?
thanks in advance !


  • Those 2 items and a lot of small things. Like extending some wires, have to move the horns, and maybe a couple of other interference spots.  The motor mount holes are there. Same ones for the 8 cylinder , if you had a 6 in your car , you will have to cut the welded on brackets off . I put a 308 in a '42 Super Six. I had to make clearance around the steering box and put a dent in the firewall for the exhaust manifold. Not sure about the narrower blocks, but it is not too bad a job. I think that the hardest part was making radiator mounts. Don't hook up the later temperature sending unit to your temp gauge on the dash, not compatible and will burn up the dash gauge. Get the throttle linkage with the engine you pick up. Good luck. you will need to have a bell housing for your engine, '46,'47 transmission will bolt up to the bell housing. Have fun.

  • Awesome thank you for the info ! 
    What brackets are you referring to that need cutting off? 
    Even being 6v there’s a problem with it? (Temp Sending unit)
    On the terms of transmissions , have you or anyone ever put a late 60s ford truck O/D trans in one ? 
    Thanks a ton! 
  • To use a mechanical fuel pump, the right side engine mount bracket is in the way. You can use an electric pump if you want, and leave the bracket. You can use the temp sending unit from the 46-47 engine, in the newer engine. I've never heard of the transmission conversion you are referring to. I went to an automatic with overdrive in mine ( a 1940 2dr sedan). Factory Hudson overdrive transmissions are pretty readily available for your application.
  • The '42 temp sending unit didn't fit the head on the newer engine, different size, smaller.  Your '46 is a single lever transmission, the Ford is a double lever transmission,unless you want to change your steering column, or put in a floor shift it won't work, even if it somehow will bolt to the bell housing.  Actually the Ford transmission will not bolt up to a Hudson bell housing. You will have to do a lot of figuring out.
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    Try calling this person with your questions . He has a 308 w/Twin H in a ‘46 coupe.