Hudson Hornet front brakes

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Help! Can anyone help me to understand how to adjust the major brake adjustment fitting at the top of the backplate I just don’t understand how it is done thank you regards Barry 


  • That has a small amount of movement up and down when you loosen it, to center the shoes (up and down) within the drum. Install new shoes and drum, with the lower adjuster contracted all the way. Loosen the nut on the anchor pin a couple of revolutions. Now turn the star wheel to expand the adjuster until you can't turn the drum anymore.. This will center the shoes within the drum. Give the anchor pin a couple of firm taps with a hammer. Now tighten the nut on the anchor pin. Next, contract the adjuster again and follow normal adjusting procedures. 
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    The brake shoes in your Hudson are meant to operate in a manner where the shoes are centered at a specified clearance inside the brake drum.  The anchor point at the top of the backing plate is a stud that has a nut on the back side of the backing plate which allows the anchor to be loosened.  The loosened anchor is then aligned to the existing brake shoe and drum condition to optimize the contact of the shoes with the drums. 

    The process and procedure to complete this adjustment are fully described in the HUDSON Mechanical Procedures manual.

    Page 15-10

    The whole point of this adjustment is to assure hydraulic braking and that the HUDSON FAIL SAFE BRAKING feature (mechanical braking) is assured.  When properly adjusted the shoes will have a specified clearance that optimizes the hydraulic-controlled and cable-controlled brake shoe operation. 

    This process is performed only if specified clearances can not be achieved during a regular brake adjustment.

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    Thank you guys all is clear now feel like a bit of a dunce now ha ha
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    Thanks again for the help everybody I have at last sorted out my brakes I thought about a disc conversion and I now know that would have cured the problem but for one thing I wouldn’t have found the problem I certainly don’t need discs now thanks to you all