Headers, old topic I know but

Has anyone recently bought a set of headers for a 308?
It seems a few years ago there were some issues with the ones being sold, fitment and flange alignment, wonder if those issues have been resolved ?



  • stevepet
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    Purchased a clifford set last year fitted up perfectly. Did have to modify the draft tube though.
  • 50C8DAN
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    The Clifford ones fit, both long and short wheelbase stepdowns, not sure about prior models.  The price is very reasonable considering the number sold and they cost of competitive headers for other makes.  The long tube headers are no longer available from Clifford as they were only for either long or short based stepdowns and it was not practical for them to make the limited number in two versions. 


    Note these are also available elsewhere for a lot more money.
  • The Clifford ad says your complete exhaust system length should be 44 inches????? 
  • dave11
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    Tks for the input/advise guys