advancing spark - 308

dougson Senior Contributor
Will turning distributor clockwise advance the spark in a 308 six? I saw CC in a Hudson manual. And was the distributor on a '56 308 an Autolite or a Delco Remy? In the 1955-56 supplement shop manual the distributor is listed as both in different places of the manual.


  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    Page 2-14 Hudson Tune UP procedure

  • dave11
    dave11 Expert Adviser
    I’m my experience I’ve found the 308 engines are sensitive to ignition timing. I advance the timing untill on a test drive the engine pings under load, then retard the timing slighty so that the pinging stops. 
    Run the highest octane fuel you can get. Mine runs great on 91 octane fuel but it will ping on 86 octane fuel.