Finally after 3+ years my '54 is back on the road

50C8DAN Senior Contributor
What started as some fixups to my '54 Hornet in 2020 took far longer than I anticipated.  I planned to fix both driver and passenger windows, one of which had a bad crack.  Well then I decided while the windows were out I would rechrome the bumpers, I then thought why not strip and powder coating the badly rusted wire wheels.  My brake saga also got in the mix and wanting to add some gauges. So this morning with a long over due wash and wax we are off to a 4th of July parade!  



  • Val
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    Congrats 50C8Dan, she looks good!!
  • Beautiful. I love the wire wheels. That is the factory color combination of my car too.
  • StepUp
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    Isn't it amazing how often and quickly a small job can turn into a years long saga? Many give up all together until they finally recover their mojo and then discover the car is too far gone (and their backs).

    Congratulations for getting her back on the road. Having been there, I know how awesome that feels! Nice automobile.

    BTW, my modified '54 Hornet was also factory Red and Black. Unfortunately most of the paint faded away years ago.