Pulling the shifter shaft on Hydramatic and bad rear wheel cylinders

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Well, after getting it back on the road my '54 now has shown more "little" things that need attention.  The hydramatic shifter rod is so sloppy it is annoying, to say the least.  So, getting ready to pull it, repair (weld up and grind) or possibly replace depending on which is easier.  Any comments on pulling since the steering wheel and everything else is going to have to come off?  Then my brake saga continues!  Since I have owned it the brakes have been piss poor, to be blunt.  The PO said the treadle-vac had been rebuilt, yeh maybe about 40 years ago (doubtful)?  Anyway, now that I have good pedal and power with the new setup I think the rear wheel cylinders are bad and sticking since they probably have not really worked for years and years so up on the lift it will need to go - AGAIN.  I hate drum brakes, but hate the smell of burning shoe liners even worse.  Does anyone know the NAPA part number for the wheel repair cylinder kits?

My 50C8 is bullet proof compared to this '54!


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    Believe it or not the RockAuto.com website lists several options for Hudson wheel cylinder rebuild kits ---Dorman 3609, Dorman 13620, Dorman 3608. Each kit has slightly different specs-- exercise care in ordering the right one. Good news is they are only $2-$3 a kit.
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    I also happened to check Rock Auto the other day and was surprised to find Hudson parts available!