Craftsman Tool disaster at Stanley Black and Decker

50C8DAN Senior Contributor
Some of this was discussed some months ago, but the article i the WSJ has shed more light on what happened


  • Lance
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    Thanks for posting that Dan. 
  • I can’t stand that term “Made in America w Global components”. It’s still crap!!
  • What’s next? That EVs are going to replace ICE powered cars in the future??? Never happen 
  • Well, that's a depressing article...
  • Yeah, "global materials" usually means Chinese steel. Ask anyone who has used Mexican made cams or lifters in the last 3 years what that means...
  • This is unfortunately the world we as humans live in. Profit over integrity 
  • Life still goes on. My water if from a well on my property, my whiskey is made in Tennessee, my sugar is from possibly Jamaica and my lemon juice is from parts unknown. Again life goes on
  • 50C8DAN
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    If you dig deeper, Loree the guy that bought Sears, and also KMart almost single-handedly destroyed both brands to get to their massive real estate holdings. Craftsman was just the most famous brand caught up in the disaster of Sears/Kmart
  • One brand. Proto. Either open your checkbook or inherit them like I did. They are industrial and therefore are absolutely superb tools. Still made in USA, now in Texas.  Look for used ones that were made in Los Angeles, CA.  Have not broken a single tool of theirs. 
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    Proto Tool are indeed superb hand tools with a long history (founded in 1907) that includes the Challenger brand hand tools made in Schiller Park, IL.  I have a vintage Proto Tools (No. 3400 G) set of 4 tappet wrenches (all stamped Los Angeles) complete with the carry pouch.  The pouch has the Proto Tools logo with the flying (naked?) lady and the slogan, "PROTO means PROfessional TOols."  
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    I bought a MAC 1/8" drive socket set while in high school in the late 60's form a friend of mines dad who was a MAC dealer.  Big money for me at the time.  Fast forward 50 years later and the 1/8" driver broke internally where it wouldn't switch direction.  Emailed MAC.  They replied and asked if I would send it to them to examine.  About a month later a nice new driver arrived in the mail with a note thanking me for being a customer.  
    For me the whole Craftsman thing speaks more of mismanagement from the top more than anything.