1946 212 Engine Color

Hi all, I pulled my engine and transmission this weekend. Looking at the SN it was built right after the war. During this time, what color did they paint the 212 engines? I've noticed some green in certain areas but do not know the history of the engine so it may have been done by someone else at some point. I've been unable to find any info searching the forums or the internet. Looking at the hinge stamp, the truck was originally harbor blue, if that would have any bearing on the engine color.

I've seen silver, gold, and red Hudson engines across the years. Does anyone know what color engines came in 1946?

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  • I've been the owner of several '46. '47 Hudsons and am pretty sure the engines were silver.  None of the ones I had were in pristine condition, but I'm sure they were all original engines and none were red or green.  Dirty silver best I can say.
  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    I think all the 212 splashers were painted silver (except of course the starter, generator and a few other minor things under the hood).