Harmonic Balance removal puzzler

I have a 49 262 with a harmonic balancer that just refuses to come off. I have map gas heated it, used pb blaster superzilla to lube and derust it, destroyed a 3 jawed puller, removed the oil pan and flipped the motor upside down on an engine stand and beat it from the backside with three different weights of sledgehammer and it has not moved one mm.

Short of abra cadabra and holding my tongue just right while beating this thing what am I missing here?

I have removed several of these over the years but never had this issue.


  • Kdancy
    Kdancy Senior Contributor
    edited August 2023
    what type of puller are you using? this bolt on type is what I use for removal and install.
  • There’s nothing to bolt to on a Hudson balancer. 
  • jjbubaboy
    jjbubaboy Senior Contributor
    Just thinking about this got me curious if anyone has used a different balancer than a Hudson? Is it even a possibility?
  • GrimGreaser
    GrimGreaser Senior Contributor
    I had a later model Chevy 350 balancer modified to fit so I would have some expanded pulley choices down the road.
  • Call me crazy but i have used one or two steel wood splitting wedges behind the balancer  (not on your particular motor).  It will pop it loose as long as there is something to wedge against.
  • I'm using Chevy balancers on both of my stroker engines. I had the snout of the crankshaft turned down for the balancer to fit on, and I'm using a different seal in the timing cover. This also eliminates the spacer in front of the crank gear.
  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    I've also used two wood wedges . put tension on both , smack edge of balancer with hammer. repeat.
    Never used a puller