1937 Hudson pickup tool kit

Can anyone tell me if a 37 Hudson pickup came with a factory tool kit and Jack with lug wrench? I have looked and can’t find the answer. Thanks in advance for the replies.


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    edited August 2023
    The parts manual has a list of the tool kit parts, and says they are for all cars and trucks including pickup and stationwagon:

    Spark plug wrench
    Monkey wrench
    End wrench
    Screw driver
    Starting crank and wheel bolt wrench
    Starting crank extension

    In addition, all vehicles except the chassis with cab, cab pickup, and stationwagon -- in other words, "regular cars" -- would have included bumper jack 151431 made up of:
       Jack base assembly
       Jack screw (the vertical part of the jack that attaches to the base)
       Jack handle

    The chassis with cab , the cab pickup, and the stationwagon would have included all of the above tool kit parts, but would have used a different jack #40693.  This jack included a jack, jack handle adapter and jack handle lock ring.  I guess this would have been designed to lift the rear of those trucks which had no bumper.