Hello all nice people, I'm Robert from Holland, proud owner of a super six special I gues :-)

I allready had some help of some enthusiastics; we found that the car is from 1929, probably special built, exported. Has been in Portugal, over there restored beginning 80's. They put on French Marchall headlights, I found 2 lucas 133, looks like the Essex but not original offcourse. A vacuum tank of a 1920's Bentley, and a carburetor of a Ford on a 20mm intake manifold... Horn from ea labs and ignition parts I allready have, aswell as new gaskets from Richard Ollson
Since I want it all as orginal as possible I'm looking for the following parts:

2x headlights
1x taillight 
1x carburetor, intake manifold and middle part of exhaust manifold with linkages
1x stewart tank with glass reservoir the top copper connector for also wiper vacuum
1x tag generator and tag starter
1x oil carter and sensor

please sent pictures and prices to: poortwatersport@gmail.com or whatsapp 0031-653838995

I took the moving parts apart; drivetrain, engine etc. I'm happy I've help, the forum and pictures

Which kind of model is it? In my dreams its a 4 persons Pheaton from Briggs. please give all the critics.


  • Hans
    Hans Senior Contributor
    Best Wishes, Hans
  • Thanks Hans for all you’re help!
  • Hi Robert, congratulations on your purchase. I followed the auction live so it is great to see the car has found a good home.
    Although I haven’t been around Essex cars that long I have not seen another one with the same radiator as yours & the chassis/vin number seems unusual. I hope you are able to find more information about the car in due course.
    I am sure if you join the HET Club you will make contact with someone who has the parts etc you require.
    Best of luck, do post updates as you go.
  • Hello Ensignman, I hear that a lot. Its an export Pheaton, both numbers are on the car. If you know more let me know:-)
    In the mean time I found parts thanks to HET members.
    Still looking for some nice lights