1936 Hudson 8 Rumble Seat Help Needed

Rocket Senior Contributor
Anyone out there who owns a 1936 Hudson or Terraplane with a rumble seat I need some help I got a set of springs from a member so I can have a copy maid for my car what I need to know is how the bottom spring attaches to the the bottom board I know the back rest attaches to the spring because the spring company said the needed that one but they did not need the botton board so if some one could tell me how the bottom board attaches to the floor of the car and how the botton spring attaches to the bottom board that would be great thanks Tom.


  • Rocket - I took a look at my springs today and there are two metal prongs that protrude from the bottom of the front of the springs.  These go straight down behind the wooden base and hold the spring in place. They are made so there is some spring tension in them to hold tightly in place.  I'll grab some pics tomorrow, but these prongs are on the set I shipped to you.  As we discussed, the upholstery is not tacked to the wood base.  The base is held in by two carriage bolts that fit into slots in the floor.  Then tightened in place to hold the base.  Seat springs then fit into wooden base.  I would guess hog rings hold vinyl/leatherette to the springs at the base.  

    Seat back looks like upholstery is attached the wood frame which is held in place by three metal hooks that are screwed into the wooden frame and slide into the three slots in the inside of the trunk lid.