Rear brake drum question

I recently finished a brake job on my 53 Hornet and I was getting some chattering in the right rear.  I pulled the drum tonight and found that when I seated the drum the woodruff key had gotten pushed too far in causing it to crack the very end of the slot in the drum when the hub was torqued down (last 1/4").  I hammered it back flush, but am wondering if this is safe to run or likely to coninue to crack.  What are your thoughts?



  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    I wouldn't use it.  For one thing, the seal will be torn to bits.  If you did use it you would have to at least machine the end of the hub and fit a speedisleeve. 
  • ratlee2
    ratlee2 Expert Adviser
    edited August 2023
    Good point Geoff.  I will start looking for a replacement drum.

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  • bob ward
    bob ward Senior Contributor
    I think the back drum key should have a taper on one end.
  • ratlee2
    ratlee2 Expert Adviser
    It does have a taper on the key.  It just got pushed back and lifted the rear of the key.  I just didn't notice before I torqued down the hub.