Twin Vortex Head availability

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I have only eight heads unspoken for left from this run as of today.  The price is $1,450 with as-cast chambers and $1,700 for CNC machined chambers.  There are no more low-compression heads available for turbo/supercharged or stroker applications. All heads are 8.5:1 on standard 308 bore and stroke, less on 262 and 232 engines. The head fits all '51 - '56 Hudson sixes except for the Jet.  These heads will not fit on a narrow-block engine!  When these are gone I will see if there is enough interest to make another run, but if it happens at all it may be a while.  So, if you do have an interest you may want to let me know.  I am moving on to the twin 2x2 intake and that will be the focus going forward.


  • Hey Dan, I want to buy a head if one is available. Please call me, Lance Burke 806-782-2585, Lubbock, TX. Thank you
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    I have six heads left from our first run, and I am not taking any more orders until everyone who paid upfront has received theirs.   This is just in case one or more is damaged or lost in shipment. Most of you should have yours within the next 2 weeks.  If you are interested I will put your name on a wait list.  Once these are gone I will start another waitlist to see if we can get enough to make another batch, but my guess is that it may be a while before that happens.  Thanks to all who have supported this project!