Who made it?

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We were at a car show on the weekend and enjoyed sitting back watching and listening to people viewing our Commodore wondering who made it. Many that walked around the car saw the Hudson on the truck lid and pointed it out to friends. It was nice to see people enjoying the car and taking pictures. When I mention the racing history from the 1950's there interest in the Hudson increases  even more.


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    Yes I have had a lot of people ask me the same question. Who made it, I say it's a Hudson, well who made Hudson. Ha Ha, a lot of people think my 39 is a ford. They are surprised when I tell them it's a Hudson.
  • I also like to pique their interest in our cars too
  • I love it when a kid schools the parent when they bust out the 'who made Hudson' question. 😆
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    This young fellow walked by and knew it was a Hudson. He pointed the car out to his dad as they walked by. He seemed to have more interest than his dad lol
  • About 10 years ago at a local car show here in Washington Iowa, this kid about 11 years old, came running up to my car yelling to his mom, Look a Terraplane eight, he said he had been reading about them, he was thrilled and his mom took a picture of him setting in it
  • to pay tolls here in wa state, there are optional auto payments based on your license plate

    - when we first registered our '53 Hudson Hornet sedan, with a correct wa state 1953 plate and tag, i received a bill/fine for not paying, with photo of Hudson rear + license plate

    - i called to discuss - the very nice person researched - she then asked me, "what's a Hudson?"

    - i gave her a quick answer - in disbelief, she asked if i made up a name and emblem for my car? (logical question, as making up name and emblem is a lot easier than making up tens of thousands of fictitious vehicles)

    - since i didn't include "cars" or "doc Hudson" in my first response, i gave that a shot, and it worked, insofar as providing enough evidence for the employee to continue her search until she found the code for Hudson (probably with the codes for all of the other orphans and oddballs)

    - that's the knowledge level of the average non-car and maybe-car person today, and partially why i really enjoy routinely driving my Hudson, as many people who come up to me remark they had never seen a Hudson before (or they thought it was just made up for "cars")

    - our family has several collector cars, all from marques with significant racing history - when researching sedans for a possible purchase, Hudson was in the top 3, but i had never seen one in person (although i had seen more than one Cord 810/812's, the aspirational choice in our top 3)

    - shortly thereafter, while at rosario's on orcas island, wa, of all places, my wife and i saw a hudson hornet blue sedan, finally in person - although there was no owner to be found to discuss, i was able to answer a lot of my own questions by just looking - eventually, i found our family's hudson

    drive them if you have them!

  • Was at a car show recently saw a young kid making a beeline tp my car. He loved Hudsons and his name was Hudson. I found out it was his birthday so I took he and his parents for a drive. Made his day was wonderful to see a young fella so interested in our cars.