Front Brake Shoes

BigSky Senior Contributor
I’m looking for current part numbers for front brake shoes on my 37 Hudson coupe (series 73).  Appreciate numbers so I can locate something locally. 


  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    I think you're rather optimistic to think that there are modern equivalent brake shoes that you can buy "off the shelf" - there are no substitute modern part numbers listed by the ROC.
    You'll probably need to get your existing shoes relined by a brake specialist.
    At least, that's what I'd need to do here in England.
  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    1936-47 supposed to be the same. Looks like 10" or 11" option
  • Uncle Josh
    Uncle Josh Senior Contributor
    Brake Shoes Auto Zone 151 36 thru 47 Front 1 3/4 x 10 Duralast Might have to drill cam hole in secondary

  • I don't like the modern linings that come on shoes from the auto parts stores. They're too hard. I take mine to a local guy and have a softer friction material put on. 
  • BigSky
    BigSky Senior Contributor
    Thanks guys.  I’ve heard the original linings were very good at stopping.  I was testing the stopping & it’s just the initial bite which pulls to the right.  Once into them they brake evenly.  I’ll have to pull everything this fall & see if it is something simple that needs adjusting or what’s going on.   I could always see if a very light turning of the drums is needed as well.  Maybe even look for the parts to change it over to 11” setup?
  • If it pulls you should make sure that your wheel cylinders are the same inside diameter ( I bought 2 wheel cylinders last year and they were different inside diameter, worth a check), make sure that your brake lines do not have any kinks, make sure that your flexible brake lines are not compromised (if you still have on the old ones , I would put some new ones on, sometimes they fail inside and look good on the outside). Also the adjustment. Don't have to take it apart to check the adjustment, just jack up the car and crawl under and re adjust it . Also if there are any leaks of oil, grease , or brake fluid getting on the linings , that will cause those problems. Gather that you have just put this car all together, so Probably everything is done.  Good luck.