Turn Signal Wiring

Good evening. I am finally starting to tackle re-wiring my 1952 Hornet using a YnZ harness. 

The harness came with new wires for soldering at the switch (orange, brown, red, blue, green, yellow) with bullet connectors to attach to the junction block under the dash. 

The other wires (blue wire from flasher, red wire from stop switch, and the wires to the parking lamps) all end in female connectors. 

The junction block looks like bullet connectors should go on both sides. Is it instead the case that the two wires connect to each other inside the junction?  

Attaching pictures of the current setup as well as the new wiring.

Trying to make sense if this before tearing out the old wiring and hoping someone here can provide some clarity. 


  • Issue resolved. 
  • I believe the junction block has traces inside it that connects bullet connectors on each side to each other in a specific pattern. Theyre not 1:1 though. Glad you got it working.