PCV install on 51 Hudson Super6 262ci

Im gathering everything to install a pcv system with oil catch can, to eliminate the road exhaust/draft tube.
I read several posts about this, but the biggest problem i have is finding a grommet that will fit the hole that the road exhaust came from!

Past posts simply claim that a Chevy V8 PCV  grommet fits.  NOT.

I have been to NAPA and Autozone and have had them searching their books and shelves, and a Chevy v8 grommet does NOT FIT.  Too small
The hole in the engine is approx 1.35", and the center hole in the grommet needs to accommodate something like a 1/2" hose.

Can someone please give me the exact number or specific car year/model/engine of a grommet that they used?