36-37-38-39 Front Fender Interchangeability?

BigSky Senior Contributor
I just drove a couple thousand miles to picked up a NOS fender that was supposed to be for a 1937 Hudson but it isn’t for a 37 Hudson since badge holes are different. 
What year fender does it look to be, a 38?  
Other than the wrong drilling of holes for a 37 Hudson badge, does anyone know if the rest of the fender is the same & will bolt onto my 37 Hudson.
Appreciate the insight!
(Note, my 37 Hudson is not a terraplane, which would be so much easier!)

My 37 fender badge holes;


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    1936 wouldn't interchange with any of them.
    1938 (except 112) might fit a '37.  The fender holes you show, have a vertical orientation.  The 1938 Hudson chrome trim was in the shape of a vertical oriented vee.  

  • BigSky
    BigSky Senior Contributor
    Got the fender next to the coupe & it’s not going to work.  Well that was a 2000 mile trip for nothing!