rear wheel

i have a rear axle with a very stuck wheel trying to get removed, can i pull the axle out by removing the inspection plate from axle,  is there somehow to remove the gear then pull out axle then i can bring it to a press?
i tried last year with lots of heat and tapping the threads are mangled from previous owner banging on it
i tried a puller but almost destroyed my threads on puller,
im almost to the point of either welding a big washer on the threaded end or grinding the bolts then i can salvage the spokes,  thats what im after yes i will definitely number them 


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    Do not grind the  bolts off, this will leave you with the hub still firmly fixed to the axle.  Have you tried  loosening off the axle nut and just driving it until it comes loose?
  • the axle is suspended , by rim and spokes heated with propane torch
    and hammered axle nut with lots of penetrating oil
    still not coming loose
    i really want to save the rim and spokes as they are really in good shape
  • ernie28
    ernie28 Expert Adviser
    You need to get the proper wheel puller thar screws onto the hub. Using that correctly it should come off easily. 
    If you haven't got a wheel puller you may be able to borrow one?
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    That will never work because there is too much give in  the wood to have any effect on the centre. 
  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    edited September 2023
    You need one of these
    This is 2 5/16 x 16 tpi ., to small for you I think. But it is the type you need
  • as i mentioned before the threads are MANGLED messed up from previous owner banging on it 
    i have a puller that i had made by a machine shop
    works good on the car wheels but these threads are literally SCREWED

    Geoff i hung it like that so the penetrating oil and mystery juice would have a better chance to penetrate

    if i find a way to perhaps weld a giant washer to the messed up hub then use a claw puller 
    might need a hotter flame than propane torch, but am i going to set the spokes on fire
    will have to work fast with puller and torch
    i can reuse good huba from spare wheels
    the rim and spokes are in great shape wheel probably has never been off

    if i dismantle rear diff and slide thick steel as close to brake drum then use a shop press
    it might pop
    of course i don't have a press
    so it would be bring it to a shop
    this is worst than fishing in a dry river bed, not very productive

  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    As a desperate measure you can drill and tap three or four holes into the hub and make up a puller with a large centre bolt against the  end of the axle.  You can always fill the holes later.   But first try a mix of 50/50 acetone and A.T.F., it is the best penetrant  I know of. 
  • how in the dickens can i remove the left axle??
    i got the small gears out that looks like they are attached to something that looks like a U-joints
    i am a woodworker, so this stuff is above my pay grade  BUT I'M TRYING

  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    You have to remove the outer hubs, undo the bearing cap bolts, withdraw the cap, and draw the axle out of the housing.  
  • well , after some dismantling of the pumpkin by removing bearing retainer on the one axle that i could remove ,all the gears came out with ease , seeing that the stuck wheel could not give me access to the bolts on the bearing keeper, I frilled the bolts out from the outside after moving to a larger bit the whole thing came out 
    , wheel still seized to axle no drastic measures had to be taken
    zip cut as close to axle as i could all the way through the hub cold chisel to spread the cut a bit
    one good whack with the hammer
    now my wheel  that needs constant re tightening with shims ,i will use that hub for replacing the one that i had to butcher.

    gosh I HOPE i can just slide the center over without removing the spokes, but i will definitely TRY

    .     =--->>   this center to go    
  • DRILLED  not    frilled
  • where would one find a center hub ? so i would not have a wheel without a center hub?
    above picture on the right

  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    I have one.
  • let me know bottom line with shipping

  • Melt candle wax into the seized joint.