Headlight Issue

Just finishing up re-wiring my 52 Hornet. All light work except the headlights. Worked my way back and no voltage at the foot switch when the dash switch turned on. Went under the dash and get correct reading at the “B” terminal on the light switch, and on the “T” terminal (dome lights and tail lights work). No voltage reading at the CB or the “H.”  Not sure what happened as it was working before I removed everything. Is the light switch repairable?


  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    Yes, the process in pictures is on my website. 

    Thanks to Brandon Wight.   

    Go to the website  https://hudsonrestoration1948-54.com/, Once on the Site, select Electrical System, which will take you to another page where on the bottom Right side of the page is a PDF link to STEPDOWN HEADLIGHT REPAIR.

    I have several stepdown cars and in the past, the hi-lo beam foot switch has failed to make connections.  Replacement of the switch and the associated wiring cured the headlight problems.
  • Thank you for the pointer. Not sure how I missed that before—your website is an awesome resource. Problem was solved.