Year of Engine?

BigSky Senior Contributor
In my mechanical procedure manual it states that in 1937 the engine numbers started with 250,000 & in 1936 terra started at 15,700 & 36 Hudson at 79,000.  So with an engine number of 308,537 what year might this have been from, 37, 38, 39?  


  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    Over 111000 were produced in1937. Not sure of the 6/8 breakdown.
    Good chance it's 1937 engine.
    Someone who knows will join in.
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    It will be a 1937 for sure, but you should be able to see the date cast  into theblock on the left had side.   Will have probably a letter and a number.  If the number is 7. this will confirm it as a '37.  The letter will be the month, from A to L , corresponding to January as A and December at L.  
  • BigSky
    BigSky Senior Contributor
    edited September 2023
    223-7 is the number on the left front.  The engine turns over nicely & I’ll have a spare engine for my 37 if needed.  Thanks!
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    Feb. 23rd 1937