'54 Hornet Generator Issues

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Where can I find a rebuild kit for the 6v generator on my '54 Hudson Hornet? I pulled it apart and cleaned everything as good as I could with a wire brush, but it's still not charging! The brushes are in good shape but everything inside was pretty rusty and corroded. Also the AMP light does dim if I rev the engine which makes me think it needs to be rebuilt. This is my first rodeo with a generator though so I could be wrong…

Hoping to get it going before the cooler weather arrives here in FL so we can finally go cruising!!


  • Geoff
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    Do you have at the very least a volt meter? If not you are pushing water uphill with a fork.   A basic trick to test if the generator is working is to  ground the field terminal.  This will make it charge maximum.  It could be the regulator, but really, you can't just fiddle your way through.