Dale Cooper MIA

50C8DAN Senior Contributor
Anyone talk to Dale recently?  I ordered a full set of rear brake components for my '54 Hornet, 3 weeks ago and they have never shown up, although he assured me he had them Follow-up calls and messages have gone unanswered.


  • Dan, I spoke with him last week and he said he has been jammed up on a real estate issue. I'm 5 weeks waiting on a water pump.
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    I got all my brake parts from Rock Auto.  I already missed one car show where my ;54 was supposed to be one of the feature cars due to brake issues.  I took my 50 and it was a hit as well.  
  • Can't beat RockAuto for variety, prices and fast delivery.
  • I spoke with Dale 4-5 weeks ago after several unsuccessful attempted calls. He also mentioned to me how busy he was with real estate issues. He's great to work with --once you get a hold of him.