Oil Sending Unit

Had to replace my sending unit. Have not seen a torque specification. Any recommendations?


  • It’s 1/8” pipe thread, has a tapered intrrference fit, use Teflon tape or liquid on the threads, tighten until it’s snug
  • tigermoth
    tigermoth Expert Adviser
    edited September 2023
    I suggest you Don’t use Teflon tape on engine parts. The “strings” of Teflon can migrate to places you do not want it to go. Use the permatex goo or similar product as suggested above.

    Regards, Tom
  • Thank you gentlemen. Used the permatex and snugged it up. No leaks. 
  • I haven’t used the actual tape in years, just liquid
  • I find the liquid much easier to use and just as effective without the drawbacks.