Hudson Flea Market in Carlisle, at End of Hershey Car Show.

Jon B
Jon B Administrator
You may already know about the Hudson "host hotel" in Carlisle, during Hershey week, Oct. 3-6, 2023.  (If not, read about Hudsons at Hershey, here: .)

Currently, we're planning to have a Hudson-only flea market at the host hotel (The Quality Inn, 1825 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, Pa.) on Saturday morning, Oct. 7.  (This will be a day after the Hershey meet ends.)

Some might wish to sell their Hudson parts on Friday at the Quality Inn.  We chose Saturday because the AACA car show (in Hershey) takes place on Friday.  If you feel strongly about selling parts at the Quality Inn on Friday (possibly in the afternoon), please contact me.  If it looks like a majority votes for Friday, we may move the flea market to that day.  Please contact me with your thoughts: , delete the xxx before e-mailing.