Just so people are aware

PaulButler Administrator
I am moving parts of the website around over the next few days.

Part of that is that is because this forum needs to be upgraded to a later version of PHP.

Because the underlying software is old it's not a simple job so there will be periods where the website will not be available to use and that period may be a couple of days.


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    Thanks for undertaking these necessary changes in order to make the thing work more smoothly.  And thanks for the years you spend keeping the forums humming along.
  • onerare39
    onerare39 Expert Adviser, Member
    Thank You, Paul
    Hope it all goes well!

  • OK ..... thanks
  • PaulButler
    PaulButler Administrator

    The forum has now moved to its new look and home.

    Please take a look around but before you start to complain that it doesn't look like it used to I will let you know that the underlying software has changed and I have zero control over that.

    Other than that please carry on enjoying this fully paid open forum courtesy of the HET Club

  • ESSX28-1
    ESSX28-1 Senior Contributor

    Looks different but we will learn . Thanks for all your work with these lists.

    David Young (New Zealand)

  • I can work with it........ thanks