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Hi - ever since I have had my (ex-Duke-Marley) Terraplane (17 years), it has had a habit of stopping on hot days, especially going up hills, and refusing to restart for about an hour. I have replaced everything except the carburetor, including the fuel pump last year, because the old one kept stopping when it was hot. Nothing has worked, and so I am in the process of fitting a carb rebuild kit I got at Hershey. However, as always seems to happen when I rebuild a carb, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the old one! Except that the pipe for the anti-percolator device, which is supposed to run from the bottom of the cold start (choke) to a receptor on the block, is disconnected and just free to the air. As my symptoms are very much those of vaporization / percolation, I wondered if that might be the problem. The fuel is not vaporizing in the pipe before the carb, because it is arriving there very well. But the carb is always empty, despite the arrival of fuel.


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    Pic of anti-percolator pipe
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    That looks like a choke heat tube
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    You need to check the adjustment of the anti-percolating valve.  It must be open  with the throttle closed.   This is under the cover on top of the carby.  As lost mind has stated, the pipe you show is the one to direct hot air into the auto choke so it will open as the engine warms up. 
  • Thanks guys - and yes, I can see this is the auto choke pipe, as it comes out of the auto choke (duh!). Will check the anti-percolating valve, as that seems to be the symptom