Center driveshaft bearing

Im working on changing the clutch in my 53 Superwasp.  The manual says to loosen the center bearing support bolt and you will be able to slide the driveshaft back.  I'm having trouble finding the bolt they are talking about.   There is a hole in the bottom center, is there a bolt in there?  If so, what size.  I can't see up there.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks, Dave


  • Dave, the bolt is on top of the driveshaft bearing housing. It is attached to the H frame from the top. Keep poking around up there. You'll find it.
  • davegnh
    davegnh Expert Adviser
    Thank you, I will look tomorrow. 
  • The carrier bearing is within a collar that has a tapped hole on a flat.  One bolt secures this collar to the carrier bearing bracket that is attached to the cross-member with the 2 rubber mounts.  The drive shaft can pivot significantly when released by way of removing the bolt.  I forget the bolt size, but a proper socket with an extension will easily reach the bolt through the the cross-member hole.  I have included some pictures I have with arrows.

  • Here is the carrier bearing bracket, itself, with the center hole shown where the bolt attaches to the collar.