1939 Hudson Country Club Brougham convertible

What factory options and accessories appear on this car? Are those white covers over the wheels the extra-cost trim rings or an aftermarket add-on? Same question about the fog lights?


  • Are the extra tail lights aftermarket additions or factory? Same question regarding the backup lights.

  • Just realized the extra tail lights are aftermarket turn signals.
  • Another view...

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    Wasn't there one of these, supposedly the only one known to exist on Fantomworks a few years ago on the Motortrend network?

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    That's Mike Sheridan's 112 which was featured on that program. 

    If you want to see something sad here is a series 92 in the UK from many years ago that was parked in a field and just left to rot

  • My opinion, all after market add-ons.  Really neat car by the way!
  • 1939 Hudson accessories 
    There were 2 different radios to choose from (Deluxe or Custom) and different air cleaners. 
    I believe a rear electric  windshield wiper was offered on sedans.
    Ivan L.

  • Thanks! That is helpful. Most of the extras are evidently aftermarket on this car. This car will be the subject of an article in Crankshaft magazine soon.
  • Thanks for the comments. The 1939 Hudson Series 92 Country Club Brougham convertible is scheduled to be featured in the seventh issue of Crankshaft magazine, or simply, Crankshaft #7. This is a print magazine. Subscription details can be found by simply searching for "Crankshaft magazine."