46 pickup Shock absorber strut removal

I am trying to remove the struts from my truck that are within the front coil springs. Book says to use an offset screwdriver to hold it in place while you loosen it, but I can’t see where or how. The strut just spins with the nut. Is there a trick to getting these out or am I missing something obvious here?

Thanks for any help., Lance


  • The very top of the stud should have two flat sides. Get a small wrench or vise grips on that, to keep it from turning
  • ratlee2
    ratlee2 Expert Adviser
    They also make a shock removal tool that is inexpensive.  Usually available at most parts stores.

    Lisle Shock Absorber Tool 20400 | O'Reilly Auto Parts (oreillyauto.com)
  • Thanks both! I understood why I was confused now. Not sure what is in there from the truck's past, but it has no flat edges and does not work with the lisle tool. They are going to be garbage, so I'll get clever.

  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    I use a 6 point socket with the longest extension I have and rock it back forth untill the shaft breaks off. Takes a couple minutes at most
  • Take the thin pal nut off, it acts like a lock, if the shaft still turns use some vise grips or heavy pliers on the shock rod to hold while removing the nut 
  • Thanks again, everyone! I tried all of the advice and a few other things, but nothing worked. Bolts were frozen solid.

    Using a cheater bar and a 6-point socket with @lostmind suggestion worked in the end. Struts and springs are now out, and the front end is following.
  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    Great. Pass the tip on .