1936 Hudson window wood

Rocket Senior Contributor
Is there any Hudson club members out there that are  rebuilding a 1936 Hudson or 1936 Terraplane two door sedan that can use some rear side window wood for there windows I have had all the wood made for my :) 36 two door sedan made brand new for both sides of the car but now I do not need it and it is in the way in the shop if some one is interested you can PM me I am down sizeing and getting rid of my 36 parts I am also going to contact Lew bird and put an ad in the WTN 


  • jjbubaboy
    jjbubaboy Senior Contributor

    Hey Rocket,

    What parts are you getting rid of, and whats the info on the wood?



  • I have a 36 four door sedan but my interior window frames are metal. Not sure what you're listing...pics?


  • Rocket
    Rocket Senior Contributor

    All interior window frames are metal this wood is for a two door sedan only it is the frame work that holds the window regulator the window chanel the window glass it bolts to the body once it is all put together then the interior metal frame goes around it these are for 1936 two door sedans only no other car.