Back up light rubbers

stevepet Member
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Hi Does anyone have or knows where i can get a set of these back up light rubbers for a stepdown and would be able to post to Australia.




  • Try Wildrick Restoration 
  • I recently asked a similar question and was directed to Chris Spelic. I reached out to him and he could not immediately find his inventory box. He needed to dig deeper in his barn.  I am not in a hurry, so I haven’t pressed—figuring he will locate them when he can. You may want to reach out to him as well.  His contact is his name (one word) with gmail. 
  • As I posted, I received an email from Chris. He located them. I told him you may be reaching out as well. 
  • Thanks
  • ski4life65
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    I just talked to Chris Spelic. He will send you an email. He has them and is willing to send to Australia
  • Says he doesnt have any on waiting list.