Kinds of engine stands

I'm looking for an engine stand that I can place my built 308 on. I want to be able to run it while I'm working on my car to restore it. I want the engine fully broken in before I finally install it in my car.

I can build it on one stand but I want it on a stand with the bellhousing and flywheel attached to use my new starter, so I can use a cooling system to continually cool the engine while it is running.


  • I once saw a picture of a homebrew stand from an old industrial push cart similar to this. No idea how well it worked.
  • Find a Hudson headed for the scrap yard and use the front suspension/frame clip. Makes a wide but short engine run stand that rolls and everything bolts up correct.
  • I like that idea
  • Is there anyone around Wyoming that has a Hudson subframe for a step-down car that they want to part with?
  • The pre stepdown subframe should work as well just use the forward engine mount holes that were set up for the straight eight.
  • I just need to be somewhere near Wyoming so I can go pick up the frame. I have a possible frame set in in Lubbock Texas right now
  • ratlee2
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    I made this to store my 262 and eventually used while I mounted the transmission.  I did not use it to break in the engine, but a rachet strap across the back wound have been more than enough to break in the engine
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    Here's a picture of the engine stand I made. I works great.

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    Like ratlee2's stand --inexpensive, light weight, and easy to store. Add a few two by fours for radiator support and you're done.

    Also really like that sharp silver engine!

  • The stands that I've seen so far are interesting to say the least. I've been a professional mechanic for a lot of years and I prefer solid engine stands over wood. I would still like to find a subframe from a step down to set my engine and transmission on.

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    You can go to the home page of the Open Forum and type in Engine Stands in the Search window. You will be able to look through the threads where others have shared their photos of engine stands.

    This is one that Park Waldrop made years ago.

    John Forkner