Wheel Size for 1923 Hudson Sedan

I am trying to find out the original wheel size for my 1923 Hudson Sedan.
I currently have tires on it that are 34x4.5inches with 12 spoke wheels
Measuring the inside diameter of the metal wheel rim is 19 inches the outer rim is 26 inches


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    That is the correct size for the 1923 model Hudson.  
  • Thanks Geoff
    Now if only I can find a front and rear hubs to make up some spares.
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    I may be able to help you.   Will let you know.  Do you just need the centres?
  • barrysweet52
    barrysweet52 Expert Adviser
    The first time I saw a 1923 wheel I thought wow, they are like wagon wheels, very tall.
  • rhurst

    I have some parts left over from a 1922 Hudson I parted out but not sure if the wheels are the same as yours.


  • Those look like they would work.

    What are you wanting to sell and what is the price.

    Looks like you have two rear hubs, no front hub and 4 rims?

    Do I have that right?


  • Robert

    I have the 2 rear wheels with rims on them that are on the rear axle.

    I also have the outer part of one front wheel ( the fellow) with a rim mounted on it. I also have two rims and a lock ring.

    So a total of 5 outer rims,

    2 rear wheels

    1 fellow off a front wheel

    4 lock rings

    and I have enough Firestone rim locks and bolts for 2 wheels

    $ 350 what I have mentioned

    plus shipping and creating if I need to ship them to you

    or you can pick up in person in Salisbury NC



  • Thanks John,

    What I really need is one rear and one front hub. I'm afraid that after I remove the rust from the rims I might not be able to use them. Contacting Coker tire for new rims if they make them in my size. I know you don't want to part with the hubs as someone may want the whole axle. If you come across the hubs by themselves please contact me.