Help with classic T Shirt Design

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First post, so advance apologies to the admins if I am putting this in the wrong place, please feel free to move or delete and let me know where I should have put it.

Hoping some long time Hudson fans can help me with some information. My mom visited recently, and noticed a Hudson Hornet as my computer wallpaper. I then learned all kinds of fun things about my grandfather having been a Hudson Mechanic after the war.

My mom made a point to remember a Hudson shirt he used to wear, and noted she had tried to get it after he passed, but didn't know what happened to it. I'm trying to figure out what it would have looked like so I can find a replica for her.

Her only description of it was that it said something along the lines of "Walk Up, Step Down, Drive Off", but she was somewhat that enough to ring a bell for anyone? She implied it was just words and no picture, and Google doesn't seem to have anything like that.

Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

Edit: This likely would have been in the Mid to late 50's era in the Southeast US, if that matters.