A story about a Hudson, A story about my Dad.

40 years ago my Dad, Mom and I went on a trip out east. During the trip my Dad was looking for his dream car and instead of playing I spy with my little eye during our driving time, my Dad told me if I spot a 1947 Hudson Commodore he would give me $100. Pretty sure I had no idea what a Hudson Commodore looked like but I knew what a $100 looked liked. Well as you might have guessed pretty much every vintage car I spotted was instantly called out as being a 1947 Hudson. Well after hours and probably days......you never would have guessed it. We found a 1947 Hudson. My Dad spotted a 1937 Hudson as we were driving by a garage and so we stopped in for a visit. After talking with the owner for awhile he found out that they also had a 1947 Hudson. But sadly because I did not spot it I did not get the $100. Eventually my Dad become the proud owner of this 1947 Hudson and went on to restore it. 23 years ago my Dad wrote me a letter, just before the birth of my first child, stating that when he passed that the Hudson would be mine.

Earlier this year my father passed away. He lived until he was 93 and was married to my Mom for 70 years. He lived a great life and was an amazing Dad. My username is actually my Dad's name not sure if he ever joined these forms as I do not think he was very active on computers. I may not have got the $100 dollars from my Dad but I did get an amazing amount of memories of spending time with my Dad as he searched for his dream car, a 1947 Hudson Commodore.


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    Welcome to the forum and the club. I also got the affliction from my dad who got it from his, lol.

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    Wonderful story. Sorry about your hundred bucks but a dad who motivates and inspires you is worth so much more. I should know, I've got a great dad myself. He introduced me to classic cars and then I introduced him to Hudson's and now we're both hudnuts.

  • My dad bought his first Hudson a 51 hornet club coupe with twin H power and a HydraMatic for $70 in the summer of 1967 when he was 17 years old.

    I was born in 1971 but my dad died in 1975 and as a kid I remember that car parked out behind the house with weeds growing up around it. In 1968 my dad found a 50 pacemaker deluxe for my grandmother that she had for many years and I always remember that car in her garage when I would go visit.

    In the mid-80s, my stepdad drug the hornet out from the side of the house And my best friend and I got it running and I drove it in high school and a little bit in College before I wrecked it while towing it. I traded it to my friend who didn’t do anything with it and I got the car back a few years ago and started working on it. It needs a complete body swap. But my stepdad was always there helping me with that car.

    I have pictures somewhere as a toddler in the garage when my real dad was working on it installing a full house Clifford engine. My grandmother’s pacemaker was given to me in the 90s which I sold to a guy in Kansas City, he died, but I kept in touch with his son and was going to buy the car back and shortly before I did that car perished in a building fire but I still have all those memories of both of those cars working on with my stepdad and riding around in my grandmothers car. It’s all priceless.

  • So, FrankLove, did you get the car?