Torque specs.

Good afternoon people! very happy to be part of the forum! Here in Brazil we are reviving a 1930 Hudson straight 8 as it is a rare engine to find around here I don't have tightening torque specifications for the connecting rod bearings and crankshaft, can anyone help me? Thanks in advance, I apologize for writing because I'm using the translator


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor

    No one answered yet I see. It is not possible to give specific torque settings, because of the use of castellated nuts, and if done to a set tightness then the grooves may not align for the split pins and wires. As a benchmark, tighten the connecting rods to 35 lbs and then to the next castellation for the split pin. For the mains, tighten to 50 lbs and then to the next castellation. Do not use split pins in the main bearing nuts, but wire through each pair of studs and twist in the middle.