Hudson V8 Fuel, Vacuum, Oil Pumps

Hello all,

This is my first post here so nice to meet you all! As many here will know, the 55 Hudson V8 was a Packard engine, but the accessory/peripheral layout was different than what Packard used. I have a 320 V8 off of a Hudson or Nash and am going to use it to replace the current engine in my 55 Packard Clipper. Currently I am refurbishing all the peripherals.

I disassembled the fuel/vacuum pump. It is in surprisingly good condition but it has not been serviced in decades I’m sure, so I want to rebuild it. Does anyone know the rebuild kit to use for the fuel/vacuum pump? This one looks close.

For the oil pump, I was reading thru a 55 Hudson service manual I found online but the oil pump section was missing. Does anyone have info on that section? Packard used a oil/vacuum pump combo so, because the vacuum pump is on the fuel pump on this one, I assume the oil pump arrangement must be different than the Packard style.

Thanks everyone and I will check back regularly.


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    If you are using a Packard V8 I would strongly recommend contacting Jack Vines for a new oil pump. The original Packard oil pump cavitated and was the Achilles heel of the first ones. Jack's email:

  • Dan, thanks for the advice though I’m already aware of the Olds pump conversion (my other car has it) but I’m not planning to do it on this engine at this time if I can help it, as it is quite expensive and I won’t be driving much for the time being. Maybe 500 miles a year if that. I will inspect the pump before use and also check for aeration in the oil when I get it running.

    Is the Hudson pump just the Packard one with a vacuum pump delete?