Kansas City area step down Hudson’s and parts

I just thought I would post to see if there was any interest in Hudson cars, parts cars, and or parts that might be needed that will be available in the Kansas City area. My friend needs to move cars in a timely manner once I get pictures and info of what is left, I will let you guys know here.


  • Some interest here!

  • I have three hudsons to build...50 p, 54 super jet and 54 sw. i would like a list of parts for those models. thanks, jerome lewis. 2053103830., hosea 132004@yahoo.com. thanks.

  • Ok I still haven’t heard back. I have some parts and cars, just nothing for a Jet. What do you need. Myself or some one might have what you need.

  • Ok guys, got some pictures of the cars. All cars are basically complete, expect some rust could be minor could be major

    ’53 or ‘54 Super Jet 4dr sedan. Has engine w manual trans. Unknown if Twin-H or OD. $1500.

  • ‘54 Hornet Sedan Twin-H Hydramatic complete, not sure what transmission. $1500.

  • Another ‘54 Hornet sedan, Twin-H Hydro. $1500.

  • ‘53 Hornet sedan Twin-H Hydro. Car does have its front end parts. $1500.

  • There is also in another building a ‘50 Pacemaker in primer and also a partially restored Hornet. I will provide more info and pics on them when I know.

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    I am in Missouri and had a couple questions, can I email you at the address in your profile?



  • Yes you can. Anyone can.

  • RG53Hornet
    RG53Hornet Senior Contributor

    Ok, thanks!

  • Here’s pictures under the hood of the super jet. These cars need to go away or they’re gonna get crushed and scrapped.

  • Here’s another car this one is and has been stored inside for many years 1950 pacemaker. Not sure if it’s a deluxe or not but it has been finished in primer. Some of it is disassembled but it is a complete car he’s asking 2500 for it.

  • Tough crowd, lol. How about a ‘51 Hornet sedan that’s partially restored body worked and in primer, seats redone and engine rebuilt? It is apart but it has been stored inside for many years. $3500

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    That’s a real nice find should not have any trouble getting buyers for those ,Iam on the wrong side of the country good luck

  • Well I thought people would be interested but not much response. I pulled 4 cars from there a few years ago. I have 14 Hudsons now, some to restore others to sell or parts cars.