36 Tplane wiper arm sweep/blade angle

I finally got the original vacuum wiper system working well....but when I adjust the blades to a position that is relatively flat when parked, and I turn them on and they sweep toward the outside of the windshield, the outside end of the 8-1/4" blade hits the bottom windshield seal. Then, I adjust the blades so they don't hit the seal, but they park high and crooked. Ideas? Note that I'm making the adjustments at the arm/blade pivot point, not at the shaft.


  • barrysweet52
    barrysweet52 Expert Adviser

    If you are adjusting the wipers one spline at a time on the transmission shaft you should solve your problem, unless you have blades that are longer than original. Good luck. Its a common problem.

  • My 36 has the blades resting at an angle not flat at the bottom. They rest about 2 inches above the bottom of the screen. If I'm bothered I just push them down reasonably flat but when in use they never return flat...I'm doubtful you'll have any success as I think only modern wipers are exact...I may be wrong but 1930s technology wasn't too exact...I'm just happy they work ...cheers ken

  • Thanks for the feedback! I will fiddle a bit more and 'split the difference'. The imperfect wipers will match the rest of the car. 😊

  • 1936 wipers had a heavy stainless wire that went into the end of the blade, and connected to the small bracket that extends above where the wiper arm mounts to. These pieces are EXTREMELY hard to find, as they are '36 only. If you put it together as it was designed, you will be very happy with the sweep on the windshield.

  • barrysweet52
    barrysweet52 Expert Adviser

    Thanks to the person who originally shared this photo

  • Thanks for the photo. That is what I was trying to describe.

  • jjbubaboy
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    Barry is correct, in that the parts are VERY hard to find!

    The 'duckbill' wiper arms are incredibly rare. Right now, there are some of the small brackets and stainless wires listed on Ebay courtesy of the wiperman.

    Thats where I finally found mine!


  • Very interesting indeed! I've never seen these installed and have looked at a lot of 36's. Thanks for all the feedback on this.

  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser

    I think I may have one of these little wire rods that I don't need as I've converted to an electric wiper motor.

    Private message me if anyone wants it and I'll try and find it amongst my "stuff".