1925 Essex cap, rotor, points, condensor?

I recently found an old Essex motor from 1925. I think I can get it to run again, but the distributor is missing the cap and rotor. The points and condensor look quite old too. I assume it is the American-Bosch T-6200, but their is no ID tag on it anymore. I would like to replace everything, but I cannot find any parts to buy. Does anyone know where to find the these parts? Or, know how to find the parts numbers. Alternatively, does anyone know if a good distributor from a later year 6 might work? Thanks


  • ESSX28-1
    ESSX28-1 Senior Contributor

    Subsequent years used an AutoLite IBA 4001 on basically the same motor.

  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor

    Earlier Holden distributors can be adapted.

  • Thank you so much guys. I will keep looking. surely I can make something work