Kanter Auto

Does anyone know about Kanter Auto parts. They show listing for Hudson parts for the engine. I want to know if anyone has dealt with them for parts for Hudson?


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor

    I believe they just buy stuff in to order.

  • Lance
    Lance Member

    A bit overpriced for many parts. Fred & Dan Kanter started out years ago selling Packard parts only then at some point got into selling vintage car parts for many other makes. A number of times they will send out parts without really checking to make sure the parts are correct for the model of car you need the parts for. They are now having harder to get parts made in China for them.

  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor

    Just a quick note on this. I have bought several AMC parts from Dale Cooper as he runs a parallel parts business for AMC as well as Hudson. Almost all of the AMC parts have been drop-shipped from Kanter! Interesting as Dale's prices are quite a bit better than Kanter's! I am guessing that Kanter may return the favor and many of their Hudson parts come from Dale!